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Add different effects to your screenshots to make them professional


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TNT Screen Capture is an advanced application for taking screenshots. Why advanced? Well, because it lets you apply different effects both before and after you take the screenshot, not just capture an image of the screen.

These effects add a professional touch to your screenshots, saving you the time you would have to spend with some complicated photo editing application.

First of all, TNT Screen Capture lets you add frames and colors, as well as layers to separate the image, blur it, make it sharper, apply 3D effects, and a lot more. You can adjust each of these effects to your preference, so you get exactly the results you are looking for.

TNT Screen Capture includes three capture modes: taking a screenshot of the active window, of a square area, or of a free region. You can also export the images into different formats, in their original size or as thumbnails.

30 day trial.

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